Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThumbVu?

ThumbVu is a social surfing community unlike anything before. You can interact with your peers, personally brand your business and your name, ask questions, get answers and build a network like never before. Go ahead, dive in and press buttons... You won't break anything and there is no better way to learn how to use this system then getting your hands dirty.

How does this all work?

ThumbVu is at it's core a traffic exchange. Where you look at someone's web site and they look at yours. A few years ago, traffic exchanges became much more 'social' in nature. Live chat, profile pages, Twitter buttons, Facebook like buttons and a lot of other features were added into the systems to make them much more interactive. However the core of the system always stayed the same...You look at my web site and in return, I'll look at yours.

ThumbVu has changed the way you interact with other members in the community and now you can give feedback on the PERSON in the community, not just their web sites. So you can let someone know if they helped you by giving them a vote on the surf bar, you can tell them they have great ideas, give them reviews and offer valuable feedback on how each member of ThumbVu can become a better marketer, social member and networker.

What time does the server reset at ThumbVu?

ThumbVu resets every day at 3:00am Eastern Time.

What do the Heart, the Book and the Light Bulb mean in the surf bar?

The Heart represents the 'passion' that member has. If you think that member shows passion in their business, vote them up.

The Book represents 'knowledge'. If that member has a deep knowledge of a topic, give them a vote.

The lightbulb indicates 'branding' and if that member has done a great job of branding themselves and their business. Like them, give them a vote.

NOTE: Every free member gets 10 votes when they join. So use your votes wisely. If you want to vote more, you need to use the system and earn them. You also get 'extra' votes for votes that you receive. Upgraded members get 10 extra votes a week. Awesome sauce!

How do you 'earn credits' to get your site seen?

Our surf bar is a little different here. Not only do we have the icons on the top right of it to give votes and review the member, but we also have a surf bar at the bottom where you pick the thumbnail of the member you want to visit and review. Here's a huge tip, make sure your thumbnail looks great, SMILE if you are using your picture and don't be afraid to try some different ideas to get more attention to your thumbnail. The more you 'click and surf' the more credits you earn, so get active, engage with other members and have a lot of fun doing it!

How do I get my picture uploaded to my profile?

We use a system called Gravatar which is free to join and is AWESOME! You simply sign up and use the same email address you used to sign up for ThumbVu and presto, your profile picture will automatically be used in ThumbVu. You can do everything from your Profile option in your members area.

Can you make money using ThumbVu?

Absolutely! You can earn up to 30% on all upgraded members you refer to ThumbVu. The best part is, it's residual! Free members earn 10% of all upgraded purchases while Upgraded members receive 30%.